SHS Infrared Heating

 SHS Infrared Heating


SHS Heating Solutions introduces the latest heating technology: Infrared Heating !! !!

SHS Infrared Heating Panels
When the colder season starts we all see our electricity bill rise again

Electric heating is a very expensive luxury nowadays, especially in Portugal !!
So SHS Heating Solutions introduces:
SHS Infrared Heating Panels.

The Benefits are clear:
- Only 50% consumption compared to normal electrical heaters !
- Infrared is very healthy to the human body!
- No air circulation so perfect for people with an allergy !
- 100% environmentally friendly: NO CO² emissions !
- Instant heating, avoiding mould and damp !
- Easy to install, at walls and ceilings !
- in White, Mirrors and even your own Photos

- 50% Saving on your Heating Bills !!
- Infrared is very healthy for our body !!

o Save of -347,20 per year !!
o Return on your investment about 2,5 years Only!! Click to go to our Online Shop
Click here to see our SHS Infrared Heating Panels Calculation Examples   Click to download our SHS Infrared Heating Panels info

Ideal for Homes, Offices, Clinics, Yoga lessons, Storage and Greenhouses, etc !

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